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7 Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Venue

7 Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Venue
Wedding venues are often the most expensive item on a wedding budget. Sometimes, they may cost nearly half the entire budget. However, if you are careful with your choice of location, you could end up saving a lot of money. Here are a few ways to save money on wedding venue:

1. Book Early in Advance

The rule of thumb if you want to spend little money on a wedding is to book the venue as early as you possibly can. It should be one of the first things to do when planning for a wedding.

It is not enough to settle on a given venue: go ahead and make the necessary calls to secure that venue. But how does booking early save you money, you ask?

First, when you book early, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the date of your wedding. If you are lucky, you might get the venue at a time when they are offering discounts, or during off- peak times when the cost is generally low.

Additionally, booking early allows you the luxury of comparing the prices for different venues. You can then go ahead and choose whichever location best fits your budget.

2. Book Outside the Peak Season

Another way to save some money is to schedule your wedding during off- peak seasons. When there is little competition for space, you generally pay less money. The contrary is true: when the demand for wedding venues is high, the prices will skyrocket too.

3. Consider Non- Traditional Locations

You could also opt to have your wedding at unconventional locations. Who says you can only exchange wedding vows at expensive halls and ballrooms?

Try theme parks, museums, antique shops or even city parks. They might appear to be odd venues, but you will certainly make lifelong memories here.

4. Consider Self- Hosting Your Wedding

If you have a huge compound, you could opt to have your wedding in your home. But even if you are short on space, you can still have your wedding at a friend’s or relative’s. It will cost you nothing and you will still have a great occasion.

5. Hold a Small Wedding at The Venue

Generally, the larger the space you consume during your wedding, the more expensive the charges will be. You can opt to exchange vows with your lover at the venue, with a few close friends and family, and then hold another party at a cheaper venue or even in your own home. That way you will have saved plenty of money.

6. Combine Your Wedding with Your Honeymoon

Another genius method to save money on a wedding venue is to combine it with your honeymoon. First, your guest list will be remarkably small, so you do not have to worry about securing a huge, expensive venue. Secondly, by combining the two, you will invariably end up spending less than if you held them separately.

7. Consider Venues where You can Provide Your Own Catering

Finally, you can cut costs on a wedding venue by looking for venues where you provide your own catering. It will give you more control over how much you spend on the wedding not to mention that you get to create your own menu.A little creativity can go a long way in helping you save money on your wedding. Try the tricks above and you could end up saving a considerable amount of money.

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