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After seven years in the wedding planning business I have taken a step back from my day-to-day career as I care for my young children (Sammi, 3 & Jayden, 1).

Wanting to keep active (and sane) I turned to blogging about the wedding planning industry and helping my best friend Claire establish her own business.

I want to keep everything relevant and don’t know how often I can write, but the plan is to develop a comprehensive resource of material that allows anyone to get started with their own wedding planning business (and avoid some of the mistakes I made).

Key topics I will cover on include:

  • How to start a wedding planning business
  • How to find clients for your wedding planning business
  • How to manage your time (and clients)
  • How to set your prices (and say no to business when you have to)
  • What its actually like to be a wedding planner (hint: not always fun)

If you are about to start a wedding planning business or already have one up and running and just need someone to talk to you can also reach out to me here.

I wish you all well,