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How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost?

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost?

Today, planning a wedding is anything but easy. What with the ever- rising cost of holding the ceremony? Add to that the emotional constrain of planning a wedding and you will agree that there is nothing easy about the big day.

When it comes to managing the cost of your wedding, it is important that you create a budget and stick to it. There is no better place to start than educating yourself on the average wedding cost. It will provide guidance on how much you should expect to spend on your special day.

What is the Average Cost?

Research shows that on average, the budget for a wedding in 2016 was $ 35,329, up from $ 32, 641 the previous year. If the trend continues, it would be safe to expect even a greater rise in wedding expenses this year.

Where Does Most of the Money Go?

So, how do the expenses add up so much? Wedding venues are the most expensive item on most couples’ wedding budgets.

On average, it costs about $ 16, 107 to secure a good venue for your ceremony. That is nearly half your budget spent on a single item. Other noteworthy expenses include hiring a DJ, portrait artists and full gospel choirs.

Other items such as photo booths, lawn games and food trucks also cost a considerable amount of money. This explains why despite the decreasing number of guests invited to weddings, the cost of holding one keeps increasing by the day.

How Can You Cut Costs During Your Wedding?

One can understand why you want to splurge on your wedding: it is an incredibly important day to you. But in weddings, perfection does not necessarily equal extravagance. Here are a few tips to help you create a manageable wedding budget:

  1. Ask Both Sides to Contribute

Although traditionally it is the bride’s family that bears the burden of paying for the wedding, it is becoming more and more common for the groom’s family to contribute. You can ease the stress of planning for the wedding by asking both sides to contribute some money for the wedding.

For instance, you can ask the groom’s family to pledge a certain amount of money to cater for some wedding expenses. Or they could also be in charge of certain aspects of the wedding, such as the food or decoration.

  1. Choose the Right Venue

Some wedding venues invariably cost more than others. City venues charge very high prices while most small town venues are generally affordable.

A wedding held in Manhattan and another held in a small town will certainly not cost the same. If you are really low on cash, choosing an inexpensive venue can go a long way in easing your burden.

  1. Choose the Time Right

You may also consider getting married during off- peak seasons and even on weekdays. During off- peak times, you will generally spend less money on your wedding.


There is no denying that weddings can be an expensive affair. But with careful planning and a little thriftiness, you can be able to save quite a lot of money. Just make sure to spend money on the important things and make compromises where you can.

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