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How Much Should I Charge as a Wedding Planner

How Much Should I Charge as a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is one of the tasks that require the utmost attention to detail. Even though humans make mistakes, ruining a couple’s big day with any poor preparations on your part can make you ingrained in their bad books forever.

Even with the challenges, it is always a unique experience planning a wedding for each couple. It can be exhilarating. You can wonder, ‘How much should I charge as a wedding planner?’

This question does not have an exact response. Instead, a few factors influence what you can charge your clients for planning their wedding.

First, you have to identify what kind of clients you want to attract. You might want to go for the high end, middle market or for those who are budget conscious. Clients demanding more class for their wedding will pay more due to the extra work that goes into making a wedding look exceedingly exquisite.

  • High-end clients will often want to flaunt their wealth and show off on their wedding day. It will be your job to help them choose what flowers, setting, and venue that screams expensive. Due to the amount of money that they are spending on the wedding, your skills and more will be required no to disappoint them.
  • Middle market clients still want spark and life at their wedding only that they have to stick to a budget. Even though not a tight budget, they do not want to be too extravagant to ensure they can still pay their bills after the wedding.
  • Budget-conscious clients have a strict budget to adhere to, and it is your job to make their wedding beautiful within their means.

Clients are valuable regardless of their budget. However, there are the clients you seek to attract and that will determine your wedding planner fees.

Secondly, you need to know what package the couple desires. This affects the wedding planner fees. They could be interested in the Day of Coordination planning or the Full-Service planning.

Day of Coordination planning will involve you taking care of the logistics on the said wedding day while the Full Service will require more work. It involves everything in the Day of Coordination and all the preparations that come before the wedding day. These two attract different fees for the wedding planner.

You will also need to have different packages to satisfy the client’s diverse needs. You will make this clear during the consultation. Try to ensure that the couple understands what they are asking for and use your professional experience to help them arrive at a decision.

If the clients need you to be in charge of the budget (for the Full-Service planning), understand the choices you have to make not to veer off the budget. Compare prices for venues and all the wedding vendors relevant to their wedding.

It is essential for you to understand the client’s budget to avoid conflict.

The best thing is to ease the couple’s stress because they are under a lot of pressure to finance the wedding and please their loved ones in addition to wrapping their heads around the whole idea of marriage.

Make thorough inquiries for venues and present them with the most suitable narrowed choices.

Thirdly, your level of education will affect how much wedding fees you charge. An established and experienced wedding planner can charge quite high due to their ability to execute and deliver to please their clients. They often have an impressive record of accomplishment that clients find confidence in.

If you are just beginning, you might want to charge a reasonable fee especially if you are unsure about whether you can do a good or an excellent job.

One’s academic credentials also matter especially for high-end clients. They like to feel that you know what you are doing before they can entrust you with their wedding planning. However, it is all about the fantastic job that you can do.

Since different clients will have different demands, it will affect how much they pay you.

A couple will often need your opinion on almost everything. It could be the bridal attire, cake, flowers, table setting or what spoons to use. This is your chance to show them why they had every reason to hire and pay you as much. Put your heart into it.

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