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How To Create Partnerships To Grow Your Wedding Planning Business

How To Create Partnerships To Grow Your Wedding Planning Business

Growing a wedding planning business can be a daunting challenge especially if you are just starting out. There is stiff competition and marketing can be costly at a time when you want to cut down expenses.

However, you can achieve significant level of success and attract more customers with wedding business partnerships. This simply involves partnering with other businesses that serve the same niche market (couples looking to wed) to promote your services across a wider market.

Here are a few tips on how to create wedding business partnerships that will attract more customers your way:

  1. Cross promote with other businesses

Cross promotion is one of the popular techniques businesses use to start partnerships. As a wedding planner, all you need to do is find reputable businesses that serve your niche and put links that refer people to their sites. They can be florists, wedding photographers, venue providers, bands or garment designers.

Beyond just likes however you can contact them and create a more formal relationship. If you show you are willing and able to promote their business, they should appreciate the customers you bring to them and return the favor in kind.

You should keep track of how many referrals you make and receive so that you can focus on those that are most profitable and worthwhile to your business.

  1. Offer referral fees to other providers

Everyone needs an incentive to motivate them to action and nothing impresses an affiliate marketer like a referral fee. Offering a small fee to other providers (florists, dress makers, venue providers…) may be what you need to start getting those important mentions and referrals.

Simply create a program that allows other providers to earn a small commission or fees for referring customers to your business. If the customers end up buying your services, then offer an even bigger commission. Nonetheless, make sure you are not spending money on referral fees that do not yield any profit.

Wedding business partnerships require a win-win situation for all people involved. If you are also referring business to another provider, then you can also earn back something in referral fees.

  1. Develop a strong reputation for excellent customer service

The best way to market yourself and make other people want to mention your business is by providing high quality services. A wedding planner that satisfactorily meets client requirements will not only attract a good reputation from the customers, but will earn respect from other providers as well.

You can start by offering unique and exceptional customer service that impresses everyone or pursue any other quality assurance that surpasses client anticipations. When you offer reliable services that are highly reputed in the area, people will naturally respect your brand and promote it even without requesting a fee as they know customers will trust them if their referrals offer the sought quality.

When looking to create wedding business partnerships, start with small achievable options that do not stretch your budget. Simple steps can help you grow a large network that includes several businesses and providers recommending each other across the network. Focus on providing high quality services with every opportunity you get and this will build your reputation in the market.

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