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How to Start a Wedding Planner Business

How to Start a Wedding Planner Business

Do you often wish you had a wedding planning business? Perhaps you are passionate about planning events from scratch to their realization. Or maybe you love the beauty and romance of weddings.

However, being passionate about something and deciding to set up a business are two very different things. With a business comes risk and the need to make profits. One can therefore understand why many people are reluctant to start a wedding planner business.

Be that as it may, such a business can prove to be extremely beneficial if only you start and run it the right way. Doubtless, the beginning is bound to be rough and demanding, but once you have established yourself in the industry, it will prove to be worth the effort. Here is how to start your planning business:

Start the Business


If you are going to run a planning business, you certainly must set it up first. This means getting an office and all the necessary equipment as well as looking for clients.

However, if you need a little experience first before you invest in your own business, you would be well advised to start off as an on- site planner for an established planning company. This will give you an opportunity to get hands- on experience as well as build your confidence in the job.

It is also a chance for you to determine whether wedding planning really is the career for you. Although it might not appear to be stressful and demanding on the surface, it really is a lot of hard work. If you decide that it is an ideal occupation, you can then go ahead and set up your own business.

Getting clients is perhaps the hardest part of starting your business. How do you get people to come to you so that you can plan their weddings?

First, you can start by offering free planning services to friends and family. This helps build your portfolio and you also gain a lot of invaluable experience.

You should also think of creating a website for your company. A website is a cheap but extremely effective way to market your services to the ever growing online community.

You can also market your services on websites such as Weddingwire to allow prospective brides to find you. This works best if you have settled on coordinating a given type of weddings, such as traditional weddings.

You must also take care of the legal aspects of your business. Ensure that you have duly registered it before you start running it. If you need to, seek the services of an attorney to ensure that you fully comply with the laid down laws.

Expand Your Business


After you have acquired your initial clients, what remains is for you to expand your business. The one sure way to expand a wedding coordination business is to build a rock solid reputation for yourself. In this industry, reputation is everything.

You build your reputation with every wedding you plan. Many successful weddings mean a great reputation, while the not-so-good ones can seriously impede the growth of your business. Like any other business, wedding planning calls for a lot of hard work, dedication and a strong desire to succeed.

You can also build your business by building strong relationships with wedding vendors such as bakers, photographers and caterers. Often, they will refer their clients to you, which ultimately leads to the growth of your business. Keep in mind the fact that you will rely on them to organize your events, so the earlier you build good relationships with them, the better.

Manage Weddings


After you have built a client base, then go ahead and do what you love: plan weddings. Just make sure to offer excellent services so as to build your brand.

Organize as many weddings as you possibly can. In the initial stages, don’t be so concerned about how much people will pay as much as about the experience you will gain.

However as your brand grows, you could start paying more attention to the prices you offer your services for.

Wedding planning is as demanding as it is rewarding. However, a passion for organization and a keen attention to detail can go a long way in helping you make it in the industry. If you want to start your business, don’t hesitate to: it will be worth it in the long run.

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