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How to Use Instagram To Promote A Wedding Business

How to Use Instagram To Promote A Wedding Business

With millions of users, instagram is one of the best places to gain popularity for your business whether you’re starting out or already established. Since it’s a platform that mostly uses photos, your business has a better chance of getting attention because most people tend to react to visual resentations better than blocks of text. Although the platform has many advantages such as ease of use and the ability to share as many photos and/or videos as you wish, you need to know how to maximize on the features in order to get the most benefits especially if you have a wedding business.

Getting started

Like other social media platforms, the first step with instagram is creating an account, a process that’s usually quick and easy, requiring you to have a username as well as a password. These credentials differ when you’re opening an account for personal use and for business since the latter has to appear more professional. You therefore have to be careful to choose a username that matches your wedding business together with a detailed profile and posts that are closely linked to it in order to make it easier for people to relate.

Follow complimentary accounts

As a wedding business owner, knowing what you’re competitors are doing is very important and the only way to do that is by following them. You also need to follow other relevant business in the industry such as businesses offering wedding venues as well as those with wedding dresses to improve your relevance in the field. This will also give you a wider client base since you’ll have the chance to interact with more people thus making you popular faster.

Post content regularly

Having a dormant account is one of the reasons that can cause your account to lose popularity and in turn your business. You need to post content regularly, ensuring that what you post is of high quality and is relevant to the business, and the same time using pictures and videos whenever you can in order to increase interest. Quality should be your biggest concern rather than quantity, and if you cannot come up with such content on your own, feel free to buy.

Increase the chance of your posts standout

Posting everyday is never enough since many people in your industry will be doing the same thing, which is why you need to make your posts stand out by giving them a unique aspect. Don’t be afraid to invest in using influencers to increase your followers by giving you shout outs whenever you can afford it. Engaging other users of the platform by continuous interaction is also important since it will make them feel important and will give you a chance to answer their questions as you explain about your wedding business.

Be consistent

Other than posting regularly, consistent relevance is a key factor. Do not deviate from your niche by posting about issues that are not related to your business. Maximise on hashtag usage and ask other users to share them. Make the hashtags as different as possible to make it stand out, especially if it’s about an upcoming or a recently done event, and don’t forget to share other people’s whenever you can.

Create offers

Every customer likes being appreciated, which is why they will feel like you care about them when you come up with different offers. The offers don’t have to be expensive; you can create things like promotions and discounts for those who follow you. Find out what most of your followers would appreciate then use your creativity to use that as a motivation.

Be realistic

In as much as consistency is vital, you need to break that monotony once in a while by posting something funny or starting a forum that allows your followers to share their issues rather than just posting about you.


Instagram is an amazing platform that can put you above your competitors if used correctly. Even so, you need to remember that sometimes getting the results you desire may take longer than you anticipated. Be patient and keep working on your account to make it more attractive. Keep working on your account even after you reach your target and remember that your main goal should be to please your followers since they are all potential customers.

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