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Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2018

Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2018

In today’s world, finding wedding inspiration is not hard at all. The options available to you are truly endless. Whether you’ve been dreaming about it since childhood or whether you’ve been freaking out about it ever since the popping of the question, one thing is certainly for sure, the day just has to be a memorable one.

Here are your top 5 wedding trends for 2018.

1. Destination Weddings

More and more people are opting for tropical locales such as places like the Caribbeans, Mexico and the like to exchange vows. You can’t really blame them because who wouldn’t want a wedding under perfect weather.

Destination weddings tend to be much smaller and more intimate.

Between the amount you can save, ease of planning and the unforgettable memories created by such weddings, it’s easy to see why so many couples are choosing to go the destination wedding routes.

2. Quirky Dessert Tables

While most are still hung up on having traditional wedding cakes, 2018 and beyond will see the rise of the quirky dessert table over the more common last course. The dessert table concept offers you a chance to get really experimental and wild with your puds.

Most millennial couples are obsessed with the idea of being original and unique. This simple fact is why this concept will become one of the most popular wedding trends in the near future, if it hasn’t already.

3. Less Formal Weddings

Another new rising obsession is the casual wedding. Many couples are opting for the laid-back approach with an essence of elegance but neither overblown nor stilted. This appealing breed of informality allows for carefree aesthetics and expresses the couple’s personality, style and wit. In rejecting the traditional cookie cutter conventions, modern couples are discovering the essence of “casual elegance.”

4. A Low Bling Wedding

Whenever your big day comes to mind, it’s normal to assume that the bigger you go the better it becomes when centerpieces, dresses and decorations are concerned. However, sometimes less is truly more. Recent wedding trends show that more and more people are opting for smaller packages.

These days, minimalism is associated with less stress and cleanliness, and low stress levels on your big day, we all know, is a big plus, isn’t it? Avoid flashy, complicated backdrops and over the top centerpieces. There’s a unique elegance in keeping things simple.

5. Fun & Creative Wedding Food

From serving delicious bite size creations to offering family style platters to be shared among your guests, the wedding trends in 2018 are all about being fresh and creative with your wedding food options. Mini spoons of wonder featuring locally sourced, fresh and organic produce tops the list for this year’s trends

Themed stations with designated chefs creating meal options right in front of your guests should add a refreshing element of entertainment. Food trucks are also an awesome way to go in case you want to provide your guest with delicious comfort food options such as sliders, tacos, french fries and the like.

And there you have it, the top 5 wedding trends of 2018. Remember, you got them here first.

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