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What Is A DIY Wedding?

What Is A DIY Wedding?

What Is A DIY Wedding?

A DIY wedding refers to a wedding where all or most of the arrangement plans are made by the bride, the bridegroom or both. Such weddings are normally recommended when you don’t want to create a wedding that feels the same or similar as every other wedding you have been too. DIY weddings are also becoming more popular.

As expected, the planning process can be brain-taxing for but the desire to have things work out the way you want them might possibly keep you motivated. Read on to find out when such weddings are ideal and when they are not.

Why Are DIY Weddings Becoming Popular?

Obviously, one of the reasons for the popularity of DIY weddings is the need to cut back on the wedding expenses. The cost of a typical wedding is often so high. Indeed, cases abound where couples went bankrupt immediately after having a wedding.

Therefore, it may be in your best interest to have this kind of wedding if you envisage it would reduce substantially what you would have spent hiring someone else to do the work for you.

Another reason for the popularity is the need to be involved every step of the way. When you hire a professional to handle everything, you may appear left out. But as this is your big day, it is imperative that you get your hands dirty and feel as though you own the process.

Lastly, people opt for these kinds of weddings when they need to add a personal touch to the occasion. Assume you just spotted a particular ring and it happens that its design and allure captured your heart. Or you have fallen in love with one of the latest trends in eyebrow makeup – would you hire someone to advise you on what’s best for you in such situations?

Absolutely not, because they will probably advise you based on popular choices and not your individual feelings and preferences. You can also get lots of inspiration off of Pinterest.

Pros of a DIY Wedding

Saves Cost – As already mentioned, a DIY wedding goes a long way in cutting the cost of the entire wedding. As you now personally attend to some matters, you save the money you would have otherwise used paying someone else to do it for you.

The Event Is A Reflection Of You – If you are a fan of a certain wedding-themed music, love a particular style of makeup and adore a given pattern of flowers, anyone who steps foot in your wedding will instantly tell it “feels like you”, so to speak.

Chances are that when you leave these intricate details to a wedding planner or another third party, they will surely choose a great theme for the occasion but it might not necessarily be something you fancy. As a result, you will feel as though you are a guest in your own wedding.

You Oversee Everything – A DIY wedding means you are the overseer of every process, regardless of how trivial it looks. You have a say in the arrangement of flowers, the choice of your music and can dictate how events unfold based on the time schedules.

Oversight, apart from giving you the bossy feeling, ensures accountability. Your presence in the kitchen will see the catering team use every resource allocated to them sparingly, as opposed to when the event was being overseen by someone else.

Cons Of A DIY Wedding

Perhaps one of the greatest disadvantages of having a DIY wedding is that you could lack the professional finesse needed to handle some issues. For instance, the mere fact that you love a particular song, floral arrangement or cake design does not necessarily mean your tastes fit into the theme of the event.

Remember, there are so many guests coming around and as such, it is imperative you choose what’s popular and relatable as opposed to what’s so individualistic and personal. This is where a wedding planner or third party might help you.

Another disadvantage of “doing-it-yourself’’ is the overwhelming emotional and mental challenges involved. You might find it impossible splitting time to monitor the cooking, interior decor while also attending to your grooming needs. You need an extra pair of hands for that.

DIY weddings are a great way to personalize your occasion. However, it is not ideal in all situations. Our professional advice would be – assume control of certain processes but leave what you have no expertise in to professionals.

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